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Notts County FC

An Introduction
Act I: The Sack
Act II: The Approach
Act III: Huxley’s Halfback Heroes
Act IV: History and Expectation
Act V: Depth or Bloat? The Squad Review
Act VI: Preseason 2019
Act VII: Finding Our Feet (Aug. – Oct. ’19)
Act VIII: Carpé Diem (Nov. – Dec. ’19, Jan ’20)
Act IX: The Invincible Magpies (Feb. – May ’20)
Act X: Summer Lovin’ (June – July ’20)
Act XI: Barnstorming – League Two (Aug. – Oct. ’20)
Act XII: Christmas Blues – League Two (Nov. Dec. ’20, Jan ’21)
Act XIII: Play the Song by Queen Again – League Two (Feb. – May ’21)
Act XIV: Summer of Change (June – July ’21)
Act XV: The Giant Killers – League One (Aug. – Dec. 2021)
Act XVI: Can You See the Promised Land? (Jan. – May 2022)
Act XVII: The Short Summer (Preseason 2022)
Act XVIII: Same Old Song and Dance, My Friend
Act XIX: The 2022 World Cup (Nov. – Dec. 2022)
Act XX: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, It’s Magic! (Boxing Day ’22 – May ’23)
Act XXI: The Pivotal Summer (June – Transfer Deadline, 2023)
Act XXII: Holding Our Own – Premier League (Aug. – Dec. ’23)
Act XXIII: The Magical Magpies (Jan. – May ’24)
Act XXIV: European Dream (Summer 2024)
Act XXV: Icarus, Just Before Flying Too High (Aug. – Dec. ’24)
Act XXVI: Champions Of… (Jan. – May. ’25)
Act XXVII: Pitter Patter, Let’s Get At ‘Er (June – Aug. 7, ’25)
Act XXVIII: The Juggling Act (Aug. – Dec. ’25)
Act XXIX: Not One, Not Two, Not Three… (Jan. – May ’26)

Awjizirbu Kaduqni FC

A Return.
Awjizirbu Soup – Prologue
101 – Taking Stock
102 – Finding the Right Ingredients